Business Asset Tracking

MComms’ partnership with Telstra has armed our customers with the ability to monitor and track business assets across the country in nearly every industry. Utilising a Navman Wireless GPS Fleet Management solution that can be customised to fleet size and requirements the products and services offered remove the guesswork from managing your business vehicles whilst in the field.

The Navman Wireless products offered by MComms offer a simple and intuitive interface, businesses will have the intelligence needed to improve vehicle monitoring, job dispatching and scheduling and worker safety. This can also be further enhanced by providing a range of features such as reports and alerts that can be tailored to fit each of your business needs.

Navman Wireless has completed the vigorous process of completing Telstra Mobile Network approval and accreditation. The benefit of achieving this milestone is that no matter what upgrades take place on the Telstra network the Navman Wireless product will always work hand in hand with the Telstra Network.

Key Benefits Include

  • Assist and Monitor driver performance to help minimise risk of incidents from excessive speed, harsh cornering and braking
  • Assist in reducing risk of liability under chain of responsibility requirements
  • Adherence to scheduled break times to help minimise driver fatigue
  • Optimise the allocation of work to the nearest vehicles to increase productivity and minimise down time
  • Help minimise unnecessary mileage and vehicle wear and tear