Business Data Solutions

There is no doubt in today’s working environment that the reliance upon and critical process of data management and storage is paramount for all organisations. MCommss in collaboration with Telstra and Cisco are enabling customers to unify, compute, store, network, virtualise and manage all on one single platform.

MComms offers an end-to-end data management for cloud, bare-metal and physical infrastructure to support business growth. This collaboration enables MComms to have the speed, reliability and flexibility to connect your business network by using the best data architecture and reducing the burden on your IT staff.

Your data center is a critical part of your business strategy. The faster your business produces results, the more competitive your business can be.

Managed Servers

  • Virtual Services – There are three different types of virtual server available on Telstra’s cloud infrastructure. Virtual Server (dedicated) Virtual Server (shared) Managed Virtual Server (dedicated). Each type offers different ways to create and manage your cloud resources
  • Dedicated Server – a cloud service that provides your business with dedicated servers and highly secure storage in Telstra’s world-class data centres
  • Utility Servers – enables companies to ‘rent’ the server capacity that they need and then increase resources in small increments for future requirements
  • Optimised Servers – enables organisations to optimise all of their available server capacity in a virtualised server environment


The Benefits of Business Data Solutions:

  • Improve Security & Privacy Compliance
  • Increase business agility
  • Reduce capital expenditure & risk
  • Work effectively from more places
  • Manage ever-increasing data archiving
  • Scalability & flexibility
  • High availability, guaranteed
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • A fully managed service
  • Cost effective use of IT resources
  • Dedicated server infrastructure
  • Smaller carbon footprint

Cisco Equipment.

Telstra’s partnership with Cisco enables MComms to offer Cisco’s products & services for data, the featured products we are able to provide because of this are as follows:

Featured Products:

  • Cisco UCS Manager
  • Cisco UCS Central
  • Cisco UCS Performance Manager
  • Cisco Virtual Application Container Services
  • Cisco UCS Director

For the Cloud

  • Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud
  • Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud
  • Cisco Intercloud Fabric for Business