Cloud Solutions

Cloud is transforming the way we do business. It provides on-demand access to IT infrastructure and a shared pool of configurable applications to streamline your business and increase productivity. MComms will provide your business with the following cloud services:

  • Cloud Strategy
  • Cloud Security Services
  • Private Cloud Services
  • Public Cloud Services (IaaS & SaaS)
  • Private Virtual Cloud
  • Management Services
  • Cloud Disaster Recovery Services
  • Cloud-based Security Services
  • Traditional IT

Cloud Services


Box is an online sharing and cloud content management service that enables you to store all your content in one place in the cloud. You can then access your content online or offline, manage and share it in the office, or on the go with any compatible device when you’re connected to the internet.


DocuSign is a leading eSignature and transaction management solution that accelerates transaction times – helping to speed up results, reduce costs and improve customer service.

No need for pen and paper when it comes to job management. GeoOp means you can track mobile staff, collect information such as quotes and invoices and see job lists.


Take your business not just mobile, but paperless with Canvas. The app replaces paper forms with digital ones on compatible devices including invoices, checklists, inspection forms and more


Communicate with your team in the field, distribute content and training materials, collect and share data, and set goals and rewards with ARISapp.


  • The benefits that cloud services provide are the combination of flexibility, availability, security, 24 / 7 monitoring, connectivity, physical reach and depth of experience that both Telstra and MComms can provide
  • Having access to the largest fully integrated and most reliable IP network In Australia and a highly secure IP VPN service
  • Cost effective reduce the need for upfront capital investment in onsite infrastructure and technology
  • Sustainable meaning we can assist your business to reduce their carbon footprint and electricity costs while improving your business
    operational efficiency
  • Control by managing all your virtual servers and resources in the cloud
  • Security feature which protects all your business data 24/7

Integrated Communications:

Integrated Communications – Design, implement, & manage all your integrated communications and networking using multiple types of devices and communications to help drive your business flexibility, growth, engagement and productivity.

What we offer:

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Communications and Collaboration Services
  • Managed Services
  • Industry Solutions

The benefits:

  • Create new process models to drive business innovation for competitive advantage
  • Conduct business anytime, anywhere using multiple types of devices and forms of communication
  • Enhance individual, work group and organisational productivity with collaboration environments
  • Enable new capabilities by integrating voice, video and data communications
  • Optimise your communications and networking environments for cost-effective performance.

At MComms we have partnered with not just with Telstra but have acquired IBM, Cisco, VMware and Juniper accreditation to be able to provide our clients with the best possible Integrated Communication solutions for your business.