Desktop & Applications Virtualisation

MComms delivers virtualised and remote desktops and applications through a single platform and supports end users with access to all of their Windows and online resources through one unified workspace.

MComms virtual infrastructure and security makes it ideal for your business to run a number of core applications traditionally kept in on-site
server environments

MComms virtual servers offer reliable and secure way to run existing customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, websites, e-commerce applications, email servers, intranets and other enterprise applications.

Benefits of Desktop & Application Virtualisation (Cloud):

  • Desktops & Applications delivered through a single platform in seconds
  • Unified Workspace with Great User Experience
  • Central Image Management
  • Closed Loop Management and Automation
  • Access your CRM in the cloud
  • Run your ERP system to the cloud
  • Get business continuity with secure off-site backups
  • Access your email from the cloud
  • Host your website on a virtual server
  • Use virtual servers to develop and test projects

Moraitis Communications has made the leap into these systems as simple as possible

Firstly, we provide your business with a Moraitis Communications Account manager to work with your business’s designated principal/s. This consultation is an added service we provide at Moraitis Communications.

We offer the following Telstra T-Suite Applications for businesses:

To Manage your Communications:


  • Microsoft Office 365 – has a number of suites and communication and collaboration services to help your business’s needs

IM & Conferencing

  • Microsoft Lync – adds presence, instant messaging & audio visual calling to your business’s IT infrastructure


  • Microsoft Exchange – Cloud based email. (Need to have Exchange Server 2010 on-premises)


  • Microsoft SharePoint – Power BI – is a cloud based solution that works with Microsoft Excel to provide self-service, allowing businesses to access data, share insights, collaborate & access reports on the go
  • Microsoft Project – helps team members to effectively manage tasks, collaborate, submit time sheets & stay on top of projects
  • Microsoft One – is a personal online storage space in the cloud
  • Microsoft Visio – lets you create advanced & versatile diagrams
  • Yammer – a private enterprise social network
  • Windows Azure – gives you the ability to encrypt & assign usage restriction to content

Email Archiving

  • Cloud – helps businesses address the challenges of email storage

Secure My Business:

Data Backup

  • MOZY – remote backup to prevent data loss and ensure quick easy recovery of data

Desktop Security

  • McAfee – end-point security software for protection of multiple devices
  • Windows InTune – manage windows computers and devices and mobile devices including iOS, Android, Windows RT and windows phone devices

Management my Business Process:

  • Workforce Guardian – is a complete employment management service that complies with employment law

Mobile Business Applications:

  • Aris – Mobilise your sales and service teams with ARISapp is an easy-to-use app which gives employees access to specific content and tools on their smart phone or tablet that’s compatible
  • Canvas – customise and create digital forms, replacing paper forms
  • GeoOp – is designed for small and medium businesses as a job dispatch and management centre