Unified Communications Solutions

What is Unified Communications? How will this approach assist my business?

Put simply, Unified Communications can be described as encompassing all forms of communications that are exchanged via a network. This can include internet, telephone systems through VoiP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), video conferencing, data and desktop sharing, email, voicemail, business applications and the integration of the above.

MComms has identified the key business performance motivator for the adoption by enterprises of Unified Communications is to facilitate the optimization of business processes. The world of work practice is changing rapidly with businesses and personnel adopting cloud technology, mobility and networking collaborations in order to redefine working environments.

Key drivers for businesses to adopt a Unified Communications Solution:

  • Distinct business cultural change from communication between customers and enterprise traditionally through voice to the use of email
    and messaging.
  • The growing adaption of cloud based solutions and integration.
  • The increased business investment into mobile communication devices


Together with our Partnership with Telstra and the ever shifting trend of hosting Communications via the cloud Moraitis Communications is strongly placed to be able to offer products and services that can make the adoption of a Unified Communications Solution the first choice for customers looking at cultural change in reference to system and technology integration.

Product offerings through Cloud based applications SaaS (software as a service) of IaaS (infrastructure as a Service) or PaaS ( Platform as a Service)


SaaS – Software as a Service – Software distribution model that allows service providers or vendors to distribute through networks, usually the internet.

IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service – is the ability to programmatically create, manage and consume infrastructure elements which include images, storage volumes, network and compute resources

PaaS – Platform as a Service – provides a platform allowing customers to develop, run and manage Web applications without the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure typically associated with developing and launching an app.

Telstra’s All4BIZ is the prime example of unified communications and pricing. Offering businesses a much simpler way to manage their business telecommunications. All4BIZ rewards customers for combining the following services such as:

  • Telstra Business Mobile
  • Telstra Business Broadband
  • Telstra Business Systems (TBS)
  • Telstra Office phones
  • and more…..

All these services have the advantage of being on the one bill and have specialised pricing points to suit every business.