MComms Telstra Partnership

Telstra is Australia’s leading telecommunications and information Services Organisation. In Australia they provide 16 million mobile services, 7.5 million fixed voice services and 3 million retail fixed broadband services.

Telstra also has partnerships with organisations in 15 International countries.

Our key business strategy is to partner with Australia’s leading and largest organisation to fulfil and meet our customers’ telecommunication and technology requirements.

Our decision to partnership with Telstra has enabled our business and enterprise customers to grow and pursue exciting new opportunities by working with us to continually innovate & create solutions as well as working together to look at new horizons.

What does this Telstra Partnership mean for our MComms customers?

  • As Telstra increases it market share, their volume of service also can get strained. MComms works in partnership with Telstra to full-fill your requirements at a much more rapid rate.
  • By limiting the time customers spend on manual tasks such as; Telstra billing issues. MComms will complete these tasks for you at no extra charge freeing up your resources and increasing productivity levels
  • We have access to Telstra’s systems and processes and can provision and procure any product or service offered by Telstra.What is in the Future for our customers?

What does this Telstra Partnership mean for our MComms customers?

  • Telstra has identified through years of experience and investment the below segments for opportunities and growth:

Network Applications and Services (NAS)

This segment has seen a strong growth amongst our MComms customers and has achieved double- digit growth in revenue driven by business momentum in Asia. MComms through our Telstra partnership are well equipped to continue to capitalise on this growth and ensure our focus on NAS continues to drive new business opportunities. We have invested in specialists who are knowledgeable in the advances of technology in the cloud computing space.


MComms already manages customers that have business assets in and around Asia. Telstra has made significant investment in global services and links which has enabled us to compete in the region for new and developing markets which have presented significant business growth
and opportunities.

Telstra Investing longer term

  • Other long-term opportunities are in our global applications and platform (GAP) business, which looks at new and emerging technologies. We are looking at new apps being developed and ways in which Telstra can commercialise those opportunities for our customers in the future
  • The ever competitive fixed broadband space; is being refreshed with emergence of the NBN. We have a clear focus on assisting on the migration and provisioning process for Australian businesses to move to this exciting new infrastructure

If you need to discuss your current Telstra products and services and love a single point of contact to manage those services please don’t hesitate in contacting 1300 MCOMMS (626667)